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Vivek Kumbhari, MD, PhD

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

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Vivek Kumbhari M.B.Ch.B., Ph.D., is Professor of Medicine and the Chair of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Mayo Clinic in Florida. Prior to 2021, he was an Associate Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

As a physician scientist, Dr Kumbhari has a national and international reputation as one of the leading researchers in advanced endoscopy and endoscopic innovations. His h-index is 50 with over 270 publications and his work has been cited over 8000 times in the last 7 years alone.


Dr. Kumbhari's expertise includes all aspects of flexible endoscopic surgery which include managing complications of surgery and minimally invasive, non-surgical therapies to facilitate weight loss and the treatment of obesity-related diseases. His PhD is on the influence of the gastric mucosa in the weight dependent and independent benefits of bariatric surgery.


University of Sydney 

Johns Hopkins University 

University of Otago

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Medicine

Advanced Endoscopy Fellow, School of Medicine

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery - MBBS

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